Our Vision

East Coast Seamers has evolved into a customer-driven total seamer solution company. Starting with a humble beginning in 2007, ECS grew in reputation and quality service under founder Shad Scarborough. More than just service was needed to really be able to help customers and round out the vision of a total seamer solution company. Fast forward to 2018. We were purchased by Bevcorp LLC and will continue our commitment to service under East Coast Seamers Division of Bevcorp.

We have grown, continue to grow and we would like to share our vision with you:

We are a customer focused seamer company that simply wants to earn your business. Our Total Seamer Solution is all about convenience for you - Service+Training+Parts= RUN FAST, RUN LONG & RUN WELL!! Your plant will be more productive when you invest your trust in East Coast Seamers. We not only provide the parts for you, stocked in a large majority of the cases, but we can show your maintenance personnel how to service it with crucial preventative maintenance. Additionally we can rebuild your seamer, we can give it a complete overhaul and we can exchange it quickly for another one. We will also design custom packages that will allow for regular audits and projections to be done to keep your seamer running regularly.

We will also be honest with you. No smoke and mirrors. We are growing and we tell you that. You can also help us to help you to be more productive. We want your feedback and we have just good old, plain business integrity. If that is what you are looking for – we would love to be your total seamer solution company!

To honor our customers’ can seaming integrity and productivity through world class customer care consistently providing cost effective, top quality and innovative solutions to their can seaming challenges while enhancing the longevity of their long term assets with easy web applications, in person service, training and outstanding parts engineering.”


Skillfully manufactured, our aftermarket parts reflect the precision, craftsmanship and expertise of decades of machining experience in engineering specialty parts for application driven, technological, high speed and high usage machinery while saving you 30%-50% over the OEM cost. Our ultimate goal for you is to have a huge majority of these parts in stock so we can get them to you fast and minimize your down time. 

Exemplifying our quality and focus on longevity, all gearing is made of stainless steel extending the life and wear of those components. 

Completing the ECS Total Seamer Solution Mission….  We can service, rebuild or overhaul your can seamer with quality parts, demonstrate how to maintain those parts for you, make sure they are working properly and train your plant’s folks on how to keep the whole machine in tip top condition while we are at it! We have your productivity nailed to one visit so you don’t have to continually stop your line multiple times for individual parts and service.

In addition to parts that meet OEM specifications, we have the ability to customize and in fact, many are currently in the developmental stages. Should you not see a part you are interested in, please feel free to call our technical assistance line at 855-349-2226. 

Need help with training your crew on the how, where and why of those parts? We can help there too! Please see our service and/or package section and call our customer care line 410-457-4414 to design a combination training and routine service package for your plant. Our goal is to keep you running and productive! 

All parts offered by East Coast Seamers Division of Bevcorp LLC are manufactured by or for East Coast Seamers Division of Bevcorp LLC and not by or for the original equipment manufacturer. The part numbers shown are those of the original equipment manufacturer and are used for reference purposes only. East Coast Seamers Division of Bevcorp LLC is an independent supplier of quality replacement parts having no affiliation with any original equipment manufacturer. All prices subject to change without notice.