How long has ECS been in business?

ECS has been in business since 2007 with owner Shad Scarborough. The ECS staff has over 40 years of can seaming / can seamer service and equipment rebuild experience. In 2018, East Coast Seamers was purchased by Bevcorp LLC becoming East Coast Seamers Division of Bevcorp.

Who makes the parts for East Coast Seamers, Division of Bevcorp?

We have strategic partnership alliances in place with highly reputable engineering and manufacturing firms. All ECS aftermarket parts are manufactured to meet OEM specifications in dimension, quality, craftsmanship and durability. All aftermarket parts are manufactured domestically for sole distribution by ECS. 

How long have your strategic partners been in business?

Our manufacturing partners have been in the parts engineering & manufacturing business for a combined 150 years. One of our strategic partners has been in business for 47 years

Do your parts work as well as the OEM?

All ECS parts have been engineered to meet, and in some cases, exceed expectations in the useful life of a particular part. ECS works closely with our manufacturing partners in identifying and utilizing new materials in an effort to extend the life of an individual component for an improved return on investment.

We can’t compare to the OEM at all. Alterations are sometimes made and thus they are not the identical part.

What kind of alterations are made and what does that do to the OEM’s machinery?

ECS parts, in most cases, utilize higher grade materials in the manufacturing process for extended useful life of a particular component. Upgrades in materials have shown no ill effects in the operation, productivity or reliability of the can seaming equipment.

ECS uses only the strongest materials. No part alterations are made that adversely affect the seamer’s performance or longevity.

What kind of warranty does ECE offer?

ECS offers an 12 month warranty on any machine overhauled or rebuilt by ECS. Bevcorp LLC warranties its parts, (those parts with the description ECE after the manufacturers part number) for can seaming equipment to the original purchaser against defect in workmanship, material, of parts. This warranty covers labor, mechanical parts and craftsmanship for the period of 18 months. This warranty takes effect on the date of shipment by ECE to the customer / end users location.