The ECE Total Seamer Solution Package

Provides the exact combination for the most productive edge in your can seaming operation. This particular package will allow you to plan your down time, save you significant money on regular service instead of emergency service and save on valuable parts that are there when you have to have them!  We will provide custom, designated service audits, individually train your maintenance workers through classroom and hands on facilitation and provide the top quality parts identified through productivity audits at a discounted price. The total package will keep your line running well throughout the year, most importantly during those crucial seasonal pushes when speed and timing can not be compromised and costly, unexpected halts in productions can adversely affect the bottom line.

 This program is the most cost effective as it provides a 1% discount on ECE parts for each year your plant contracts for the program.

  • One year program = 1% discount on ECE parts
  • Two Year Program = 2% discount
  • Three year Program = 3% discount
  • Five year Program = 5% discount

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Training Packages

Enable your plant personnel to keep pace with technology, enhance the longevity of your company’s machinery and learn to prevent unexpected down time! This package provides designated, convenient visits with both classroom and hands-on training geared towards teaching mechanics, maintenance personnel and technicians a comprehensive understanding of daily preventative maintenance, trouble shooting and critical point checks in the seaming process. Savings are realized by built in service while there, the identification of potential trouble points and implementation of recommendations to keep your line moving with integrity.

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Lubrication Analysis Packages

Engage in innovative preventative maintenance with lubrication sample analysis. Our Noria trained technician will take samples of the oil and ensure it is the best suited based upon your machinery and actual application. Regular, sample application analysis will result in recommendations that can help predict potential issues and help plan your down time. Asset color coding will help make the oil identification process more user friendly for your plant personnel, ensuring the right oil is indeed being used for the right machinery, extending the life of your seamer. Additionally, proper contamination and distribution control procedures are also enabled prohibiting oil mix ups. 

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Service Packages

Establishes routine care that you can rely on! Designated audits that can be conducted annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly depending on the needs of your plant and machinery. Scheduled service, audits and regular replacement reports will identify potential trouble points and pin-point recommendations on scheduled down time for repairs saving a vast amount of money and time. Avoid those costly emergency breakdowns that completely hijack your productivity!

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